More Than Just Warehouse Storage

Warehouse storage is important, but we believe in going above and beyond. Pacific Coast Distribution is more than just warehouse storage; we are your one stop shop for everything to do with transportation, logistics and warehousing.

Our warehousing goes beyond simple storage. We offer storage trailers, allowing you to move your goods from one location to another, which can be parked on your lot or ours. We can cross dock your containers, transferring cargo from one container to another in the Surrey and Vancouver area. We can also stuff and de-stuff your containers, following standard regulations and taking great care with your merchandise.

In terms of transportation and logistics, we can handle your freight completely. Our modern, GPS tracked trailers are a safe and reliable option when you need a carrier. We can arrange for local deliveries, or help broker transportation across the continent. From LTL to FTL, we have you covered.

As industry experts we have plenty of experience in both transportation and logistics and warehousing. You can trust us with your cargo, whether we are storing it, or moving it across Canada. We understand how important it is to have timely deliveries done in a safe and cost effective manner, and we strive for customer satisfaction with every job we do.

Pacific Coast Distribution can be your partner in any number of shipping and warehousing projects. We are happy to customize our services for you, to ensure you are getting exactly what you need at a cost that is within your budget.

You could stick with a company that simply offers warehouse storage, or see what it is like to experience full service from Pacific Coast Distribution. Work with us and you are sure to see the benefits of everything through one company.

Storage Containers – Temporary Storage for Your Business

business storage needsAll businesses, from start-ups to large corporations, have storage needs. Something as simple as renting a self-storage unit can suffice for some businesses, but how about a solution more easily scalable and more flexible than traditional storage solutions?

If you’re in the process of moving or remodeling, you may find it a challenge to have everything moved into smaller spaces. Then there are smaller businesses that operate out of private homes, but, without the convenience of a secondary office or building, storing necessary equipment or supplies can be a challenge, particularly as those businesses grow.

Where Do You Put Everything?

What you are looking for are secure and convenient portable storage containers, containers, and units that are available at competitive prices, and provide alternative storage options to solve your business storage needs.

Whether your storage needs are permanent or temporary, having the right sized containers for your specific requirements is essential, and you will want to work with a company that provides you with many suitable options.

Trailers may be the perfect solution to your storage issues. Anytime you are in need of having goods easily moved over the road, you might find that a trailer is the perfect option.

Storage trailers:

  • provide a great alternative to off-site warehousing, and you don’t have to load and unload at mini-storage sites,
  • are big enough, Semi-trailers that are 53′ in length – are ideal, however long or short-term your requirements,
  • will be parked at your location or one of our secure lots.

Best of all, our temporary storage solutions save you time and money. We always have up-to-date commercial vehicle inspections, so we’re ready when you are. We utilize secure space that is customizable just for you, because your storage needs are what we are all about.

The Importance Of Hiring A Good Logistics Broker

A freight logistics broker connects people needing transportation with authorized freight carriers such as Pacific Coast Distribution. They negotiate and arrange for the shipment of goods and handle all of the necessary paper work required for domestic and international shipments. Typically a good freight logistics broker simplifies the freight shipping process in this way, they do not actually handle the shipment; rather, they contract freight haulers. At Pacific Coast Distribution, all of your freight and logistics needs are met all in one place.

Most brokers charge a commission for their service, which is added on top of the carrier’s fees. A good broker might be able to negotiate a lower price than you would normally receive, saving you money. A reputable broker will also make the payment process clear.

It is worth hiring a freight logistics broker if you are unsure of what type of transportation and services you need and where you will find the right carriers. As an experienced broker Pacific Coast Distribution can advise you on your transportation options, since our firm have a network of shipping methods to draw from. At Pacific Coast Distribution, we will be able to provide a wide variety of transportation services and equipment for a low price.

A good third party logistics company has the expertise, infrastructure and technology to provide the highest service levels to your customers. If not using Pacific Coast Distribution, check that your chosen logistics broker uses the latest technology, from which you can benefit without capital investment.

Another benefit of a good logistics broker is that they are scalable. If your business increases significantly, you needn’t acquire new facilities, new equipment or staff to take care of logistics. An established freight logistics broker will be able to quickly secure new rates and handlers as you grow.

Using expert resources like those provided with Pacific Coast Distribution, you are given more time and financial resources allowing you to focus on the rest of your business. When seeking referrals, look for a reputable freight logistics broker like Pacific Coast Distribution to handle your transportation needs, giving you the peace of mind to focus on growing your enterprise.

Happy New Year!

At Pacific Coast Distribution Ltd. we look foward to serving you in 2016. We are a one stop shop for asset based freight transportation, logistics and warehousing distribution services. Our multi-service company provides you warehousing for your products, as well as the transportation you require to get them to their destination.  We us our own trucks from BC to Manitoba and in the Pacific Northwest and can arrange loads across North America